Multimarket Capability

We ensure stability in the global market

Extensive Language Coverage

to handle 40 million contacts in any location

Segmented Approach

For different clients and customer needs

Digital Customer Care Technologies

from reactive to predictive CC management


Front Office Service and Sales

Commercial order-taking, technical, administrative, booking assistance, help-desk, customer retention

Credit management

Outbound and inbound credit management and debt collection

Back Office Administration

Administrative, technical, contractual and commercial application management

Social Media Analytics

Customer interaction analytics through social networks, integrated with CRM and lead generation systems

Outbound sales and Survey

Cold-calling and teleselling, cross-selling, surveys, telemarketing campaigns

Webchat Lead Generation

Online customer journey analytics and proactive customer interactions

Specialized Industry



Air Transportation

Finance & Banking

Public administration

and more


We proud operate on our self-developed Intelligence Softwares, which bring us the best level of efficiency.
Customer Relation, Service Request, Work Force and Social Network Indicators are now managed with a unique exactitude.

Developed by Abramo Solution Foundry, Digicare can group very different Social Activities like an asynchronous messages of Gmail with a real time Whatsapp chat.
Each activity is priority-based organized to safeguard Response Rate, Response Time and Chat Feel.

Passwork is another of our own software that makes Abramo one of the most competitive company in the Customer Care Services. It manages the Work Flow of our Resources in a very efficient way. Our Productivity and Satisfaction Rate are considerably better than the industry avarage.


Strong Customer Focus

We always put our customers first, serving them in a highly, professional and unpretentious way. We’re perceived as competent, helpful, kind, fun and modest.

Diversity and fun Work Culture

We’re a multinational, diverse team, we care for each other like the members of a family, and we have lots of fun at work while respecting and valuing each other’s differences.

Personal Growth and Learning

We always strive to grow personally and to help our collegues to grow. To enable this growth, we frequently seek and give meaningful and constructive feedback and coaching.

Truth and Responsibility

We trust  each other because we always tell the truth and always openly stand up for what we believe in. We always act responsibly towards our team and our company.

Change and Innovation

We’re optimists, we love change and we always look for new ways to do things better, at the individual level, at the team level and at the company level.

OUR history


More than 100 years history

The Abramo Group was founded in 1908 by Giovanni Abramo. This first Company called Tipografia Popolare became, with the second generation of Entrepreneurs, Antonio Abramo Arti Grafiche


The success of integrated services

Abramo Customer Care was born in 1997 for the front line assistance management, technical assistance, back office activities, document management becaming in a very short time a Leader Supplier for BPO (business process outsourcing) integrated services


The internationalization

In 2009 Abramo Group expanded business in Albania firsty, and in 2014 in Germany with the take over of XCSE, now Abramo Deutschland.
Abramo do Brasil Ltda is the newly born company that will play a central role in the growth of the international businesses.


We operate in 5 countries

Germany Berlin, Germany
Italy Several locations in Italy
Albania Tirane, Albania
Brazil São Paulo of Brazil, Brazil
Slovenia Marine of Izola, Slovenia

with over 20 languages spoken

English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Russian, Swedish, Croatian, Serb, Macedonian, Albanian, Greek, Arab (local), Polish, Romanian, and more